Think back to the younger you and what you imagined working life would look like. What were you were doing, how did you feel, where were you? That vision compared to the place you find yourself in today is probably dramatically different, especially with the changes that businesses have gone through over the past few years due to the pandemic.

Whatever twists and turns your career may have taken, one thing we do know is that your workspace directly impacts your productivity. You may have dreamed of being in a super smart, contemporary office and instead ended up in a dreary workplace with no windows, if that’s the case it’s no wonder you weren’t at the top of your game. On the flip side, thoughts of that first workspace you had as a young adult may bring back feelings of excitement, optimism and inspiration as you started your career. A workspace can mean different things to different people as environments will vary depending on the business type you work in, particularly since the lockdown. A work environment can feel formal, welcoming, cosy, relaxed, private or social as a space shared with others. For many, the word workspace brings with it a strong sense of belonging and enjoyment, or for some unhappiness or being unproductive.

The space we work in can affect our productivity and motivation as it can alter our feelings and mindset. In order for us to function at optimal levels, our environment is key to achieving better productivity. The psychology is no different to how you make your house a home, you need to treat your workspace exactly the same – wherever it may be. Make it comfortable, make it practical but inviting, make it yours, put your own stamp on it and you will be more productive. It is sometimes the little touches that can make a difference – a plant, a photo, the latest notebook or pen, a cup holder -whatever it is, make it familiar and make it a reflection of you.

The Officeworx team have noticed over the past year more people are looking to invest in their working environment whether this is a complete office refit, adding a break-out area for teams within the office or just purchasing a more suitable office chair. We work alongside a number of great furniture manufacturers who offer a range of innovative and contemporary products allowing us to help you make the perfect atmosphere for your office space whether this is in a corporate office or your home working environment.

If you have something specific in mind for your workspace, please give us a call as we have access to a wide collection of office furniture, office supplies and technology that will help you create your desired workspace that you are proud to work in.

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