Think Happy Hour and you probably think 2-for-1 on cocktails, cheap beer or wine o’clock. A Workplace Happy Hour takes on another meaning as a time for employees to de-stress, mingle and share successes.

Many workplace happy hours won’t involve alcohol unless they are on a Friday or late in the afternoon due to drink driving issues and employers being conscious of busy workloads. Whenever they take place, they do provide an opportunity for people to take their mind off work, enjoy the company of other colleagues outside of their immediate department and to feel valued. Happy Hour should be viewed as a perk of the job when employees get some precious time out in a relaxed environment. Well-being is a key factor in modern workplaces that drives contentment and satisfaction. There are many benefits to a Happy Hour so if you are looking for new ways to invigorate and reward your team, it is an hour very well spent and much cheaper than organising a team building day or a night out. According to, company Happy Hours are improving employee happiness by up to 66%.

Workdays can be long and monotonous, Happy Hour can provide a break from the norm and a chance for employees to mix with colleagues, departments and the management team. They foster collaboration and are also a chance to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, a new baby, a wedding or to toast successes such as promotions, landing a new account, hitting sales targets or the end of a big project when people have gone the extra mile.

It is also important that employees take a break, it’s not healthy for them to be stuck at a computer for 8-10 hours solidly so give them a rest in a casual and positive environment that makes them feel appreciated – they are more than likely to be more productive after some time out and a change of scenery.

When organising a Happy Hour make sure you are conscious of the employees who are not in the office that day so offer a virtual attendance, if you are providing refreshments offer soft drinks so that those who don’t want to drink alcohol are accommodated and cater for all food requirements, lastly make Happy Hour optional in case they have other obligations.

Happy Hour should be happy and boost morale so make sure you create the right environment so that it delivers on its promise.