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Officeworx has all your packaging needs in one easy place. We can help with all kinds of supplies including cardboard boxes, tapes and parcel tapes and glues, papers and envelopes, mailing bags and sacks, polythene and cellophane bags, jiffy bags, bubble wrap, postal tubes, voidfill,  security tags, strapping, stretch film.  In fact, whatever you need we can supply it!  We also have a large and ever growing assortment of recycled packaging and environment friendly alternatives. We actively promote recycled packaging and try hard to keep the prices keen. Just give us your requirements and we will be happy to give you a competitive quote.

The environment is important to us. We have a vast portfolio of environmentally friendly products and products that can help your business support the environment though their use. The product offering spans many of our categories from paper to office supplies.
We are striving to make a difference to the environment and are constantly looking for new products to source for our customer base.

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