Making a positive impact to our work environment at Officeworx

We’ve recently made the decision to invest in our workspace, and we knew that it was time to make the switch to ‘sit-stand’ desks. Having a workspace that allows us to easily adjust our positions throughout the day made sense for our health and productivity. We’re excited to see how this change will positively impact our work environment and personal health. A few of the Officeworx team suffer from back issues, and we hope that the new sit-stand desk set-up alongside ergonomic seating will be highly beneficial to their health issues.

“Breaking up sitting time engages your muscles and bones, and gives all our bodily functions a boost- a bit like revving a car’s engine,” says Professor Dunstan.

By allowing us to get up and move around without disrupting our workflow, we can take quick breaks to refresh ourselves and reinvigorate our focus. Rather than having to leave our workspace to get a quick drink or some fresh air, a sit-stand desk allows us to make these small adjustments to our posture and activity level throughout the day.

If you’re interested in switching to sit-stand desks, we offer a variety of options to choose from. Our prices begin at just £299+vat, so it’s an affordable investment for yourself or your employees’ health. Let us know if we can assist you in making the switch! You can choose from a range of different wood and leg finishes to make the perfect design choice for your workplace.  Depending on your requirement, you can also choose from single to dual monitor setups for your desk frames, height options, and you can have frames with programmable memory pre-sets.

Don’t forget to ask the Officeworx team about their experience with the sit-stand desks when you next speak with them. It’s always helpful to get feedback from actual users.