We are very excited to receive our first consignment of Xerox Recycled Paper. Officeworx Limited have taken another environmental step to only use recycled paper.

The Xerox 80gsm paper is just the same in terms of quality and durability but the difference is that the paper is unbleached making it very environmentally friendly. The paper is de-inked without the harmful bleaching process and free from optical brightening agents which gives the paper a low whiteness hue which itself sends a strong message to our customers that we are making positive changes to help the environment. The paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste which makes it well placed for everyday home or office printing. The paper is wrapped in recycled material too making it an environmental product. Xerox Recycled Paper is certified to be kinder to the environment as it has five stars, the maximum rating on the Green Star System making it as environmentally friendly as it can be. It takes 70% less energy and water to recycle paper than to create new paper from trees.

The added benefits are that text is easier to read as there is less glare. This also helps people with dyslexia and sensory impairments too along with adapting font sizes, styles too. Paper does not have to be bright white, and we now realise that. There is growing evidence that our eyes do not like staring at bright white pages!

We are now trying to encourage our customers to take that next environmental step and the game changer for us and our customers is that there is now little difference in price between our regular paper and the new recycled paper. Currently priced at £14.99* per box of five reams this offers exceptional value. If we could switch just half of our customers over to recycled paper that would be a major achievement. We stock the white paper, but we are also able to supply a range of other tints too including blue, green, salmon, and yellow. You can show your customers that you care by them showing that you are not just talking about going green, but you are actually doing it.


For Officeworx it is just another step where we are committed to rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling as much as we can. When you receive a delivery from us you will notice that most of our packaging is reused. Where inevitably we have waste, it is collected by Printwaste 0% landfill which ensures all our waste is treated in the most environmentally fashion possible. For us and our customers we are constantly striving to make a positive difference to the environment, and we will not stop in seeking new product alternatives for ourselves and customers.


*Prices correct at 13.10.2021 please contact us for current prices.