In the not too distant past, there was a clear distinction between those who worked in the office and those who worked from home. In the hybrid era, your workplace could be a coffee shop, a library, a service station or a hot desk.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 85% of those currently working from home want to use a hybrid approach to both home and office working in the future and the advancement of technology will enable them to do it.

There are clear benefits to flexible working – more time with the family, to do the household chores and walk the dog, with less time and money spent on the commute for a more adjusted work-life balance. With such a rapid transformation of working practices, what is not so clear is how we motivate ourselves wherever we lay our laptop.

Research by Robert Half revealed that 76% of businesses were concerned about the impact of hybrid working on company culture and loyalty. It’s a genuine reason for employers to be anxious as many employees are simply invisible when they are working away from the main workplace.


Trust is the key and employees need to reward this trust by being driven and productive. It sounds like a match made in heaven until it’s Monday morning after a heavy weekend or it’s too cold to get out of bed on a bitter winter morning. There a plethora of articles written on the obligations businesses must adhere to for a safe and successful remote working policy but what about employees? As simple as it seems, do your job. You may be able to get your role done quicker than when you are in the workplace due to less distractions but that doesn’t mean you can work part-time because it suits you. Show your gratitude for being trusted to work remotely by being the best you, it’s what you would strive for if you were in the office. If you are finding it hard to keep your enthusiasm at peak levels, set yourself some conditions. Dress for work, remove distractions like social media or the television, check in with colleagues regularly and go into the workplace at least once a week to keep yourself engaged.

Whether you are in the workplace or your home office, we all hit a wall sometimes. At that point, reward yourself with a break, a coffee or a walk outside but don’t write the day off or you could soon find yourself back in the office full-time.

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