The Officeworx team recently had the pleasure of collaborating with local charity Caring for Communities and People to create a new and functional ‘break area’ for their employees.

From designing to sourcing and installation, we ensured that the project was completed within the requested timeframe. The end result was a beautiful and practical space that we are proud of.

The Project

After a consultation with CCP, Katie and Howard discussed options to fulfil the brief from the charity to create the perfect break-out area for the CCP Team. They believed the use of various colours and tables would make the room feel contemporary and transformable for the multiple uses the room was required to have.  The colours chosen were to represent CCP’s logo colours and different table shapes were used to divide the areas between more formal and café styles.  They decided using a mixture of chairs and stools, would allow large groups to be seated, and the stools could be easily moved around to have a more informal feel.  They also added a 2-seater sofa in the design which offered additional comfort and created a ‘chat’ area. Most of the furniture was obtained from Revilo, a manufacturer whose tables feature Scandinavian aesthetics and natural wood frames, making them an ideal fit for the customer’s desired look.

Cordell Ray MBE said “Our overall health & well-being strategy and looking after the incredible people of CCP, is very important to us. Getting away from the desk, catching up with colleagues over food, simply getting a change of scenery or resting in comfort results in people feeling more connected, energised, and valued.  A breakout space with warm, welcoming, and comfortable furniture is a part of that. The furniture provided by Officeworx really enhances our dining room space and creates an environment people are attracted to and want to use.
From a health and wellbeing perspective, we couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase and, as ever, the service by the Officeworx team was exemplary.”

CCP Breakout Area

CCP Breakout Area

Officeworx really enjoyed collaborating with the charity and helping them accomplish their objective for the break-out area. If you would like to receive advice reference new office furniture for your workplace, please contact the team today.

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