Our dedicated IT division provides a range of networking and IT services. We specialise in network cabling, from Category 5e and 6 UTP through to multi-mode and single mode fibre optic networks. For a hassle-free network, we also install and maintain servers and offer reliable web hosting.

Structured Network Cabling

We understand that every business has different requirements for its network infrastructure. We work with you to provide a bespoke cabling installation to support your network, with the least possible disruption. We can install networks ranging from a single user to hundreds of users.

We can install Category 5e and Category 6 structured cabling to service any network topology or infrastructure.

Structured cabling allows multiple applications to be transmitted across it and is simple to manage – normally by your IT team. All our experienced engineers are fully compliant in installing Category 5e and Category 6 cable solutions. They all carry the latest industry-standard accreditation and hold CSCS accreditations and IPAF licenses, which are essential to carry out our installations safely and legally.

Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling allows the creation of high-speed, high-bandwidth backbones between servers, local cabinets and buildings. Fibre optic cable comes in multiple varieties, depending upon the application.

Multi-Mode Fibre

For short network cabinet backbone links, multi mode fibre optic cable provides an ideal solution and a choice of 4 different fibre types:

  • OM1 – 62.5/125
  • OM2 – 50/125
  • OM3 – 50/125
  • OM4 – 50/125

The latter two types, OM3 & OM4 are classed as ‘laser optimised’ and are ideal for the latest networks where network speed is of the essence to eliminate bottlenecks. These fibre optic cables are designed to support up to 100Gb Ethernet, OM4 with a maximum distance of 150 metres so are ideal for connecting servers and backup devices.

Single Mode Fibre

The second type of fibre optic cable is single mode which is a fibre cable designed for transmitting data over longer distances. This type of fibre cable is used in the telecommunications industry for transmitting vast amounts of data between datacentres and even towns and cities and for the major telephone networks.

Single-mode fibre can still be used on a local scale for businesses where there is a requirement to support 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet but over a longer distance than supported by multimode fibre optic cable.

Generally, the cost of the equipment used at either end of a single-mode fibre optic cable is more expensive than with multi-mode.

Officeworx specialises in the installation of OS1 and OS2 Single-mode and OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 multi-mode fibre optic cabling along with fault finding and certification of existing fibre cables using the latest Noyes OTDR tester.

Termination techniques employed by Officeworx include fusion splicing and mechanical crimping using the AMP Lightcrimp Plus technique.

Fusion splicing is the joining of two fibre optic cores using an electrical arc to provide a seamless and low-loss joint. This is very useful for repairing cut and damaged cables in the field.


For more information on multi-mode and single-mode fibre optic cabling, please contact us on (01242) 584901.

Wireless Networking

Officeworx design, install and maintain wireless networks for private houses, offices and public hotspots. We offer a variety of solutions from a single access point, to a controller/access point solution up to the latest Meraki cloud-managed access points.

Using the Meraki access points it is possible to operate multiple wireless networks from one set of access points and these can offer secure business networks, free public hotspots and paid-for public hotspots, with the added ability to collect user information for marketing purposes.

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