We are proud to say that our partnership with CCP has been thriving for more than ten years.

As a team, we have accomplished a lot together, including raising over £4,000 from cycling challenges such as London to Paris and Gottingen to Cheltenham. We have also sponsored the Cheltenham Challenge, hosted a quiz night, and we continually donate food supplies to Hamper Scamper and The Pantry. Director Paul Berry even ran the London Marathon! It’s been a truly rewarding, fun and exciting collaboration over the years, and we have made some great friendships with the CCP team.

Our recent partnership has seen Katie working alongside the family services team with their recent appeal asking for support with their ‘Summer Survival Boxes’. The purpose of the appeal is to provide families who are economically struggling with activity boxes that can be used to keep children engaged and reduce the additional costs of the Summer Holidays. After spotting a social media post from CCP, Kate approached the team to see if we could help.

“I absolutely dread the summer holidays, it’s such a long period of time with no structure and it costs so much to keep the kids occupied” – CCP Family  

CCP – Social Media Post

Fortunately, the Officeworx catalogue hosts many supplies that CCP were looking to raise funds for, so we decided not only to support the campaign with a monetary donation but also to help with sourcing the products. We’ve built relationships with various stationery, education and creative play suppliers over our 40 years of trading, which allowed us to source these products at highly competitive prices.  Working alongside Ness Smith, Katie was able to advise and source products suitable for the boxes which would be distributed to the families in need this summer.

Project Manager – Ness Smith said:  Whilst providing support to children, young people and families, one thing we see every year is a sense of anxiety and dread about the school holidays. Parents often worry about how they can keep their children busy, without spending lots of money on days out and activities. With the current cost of living crisis, these concerns have been exacerbated and the summer holidays are a period of great stress for many parents. Children’s behaviour can change quite dramatically when they are bored and unoccupied, and this only increases the stress and pressures within the family home. Summer survival boxes will come as a huge relief to the families we support, providing them with fun activities which encourages quality family time and a sense of fun to help take some of the stress out of the summer break.

Officeworx were able to source several items for the ‘Summer Survival Boxes’ including glue sticks, felt pens, colouring crayons, sketch pads, tape, paints, puzzles, games, bubbles, footballs, skipping ropes and water squirters. These will surely bring joy and entertainment to the families receiving them.  It has been a rewarding experience for Officeworx to see the impact we can make by volunteering our time, utilising our industry connections, and offering donations. We believe that even as a smaller company, we can still make a significant difference and contribute to positive change in our community. We hope CCP’s appeal is a huge success and brings relief to the families receiving the ‘summer survival boxes’. We look forward to supporting CCP with future appeals and events in the future.

Find out more about the wonderful work CCP offer to our community by visiting: https://www.ccp.org.uk/