Introducing Univerge Blue VoIP Solution.

As we approach 2025, businesses need to be mindful of the imminent switch off of PSTN and ISDN services. By this time, all businesses will be required to be using VoIP services for their telecommunications.


This may sound daunting, however, our telecoms experts here at Officeworx are happy to help. To assist with working towards this timescale, we are offering all businesses 1 month free on all new VoIP licenses.

We will also set up and install free of charge. Our VoIP solutions include features such as desk phones, softphones and mobile phone apps; audio and video conferencing; online meetings with the ability to record; auto-attendants; hunt groups; voicemail and more.

The architecture of the conventional phone systems dates back to a time when going to work meant going to an office. But today’s mobile and global workers require more agility and capabilities than these systems can support. A modern cloud communications platform not only provides highly reliable connectivity and call quality but is also easy to deploy and simple to maintain. Plus, the cloud delivers the agility and advanced features your business needs to keep pace with impatient consumers and mobile workers.


1. Saves cost – You enjoy one flat rate for all your calls, chats, and video conferences. For one predictable monthly charge you also get a range of services like internet fax and conference calling – without the complexity of multiple bills.

2. Improves customer satisfaction – Your phone system is often the first point of contact with your customer, so it should be a good experience.

3. Your business always has a reliable phone service – A cloud communications platform offers benefits that will give you more modern communications benefits. But first and foremost, every business needs reliable phone service with good audio and video quality.

4. Strong security – With the right provider, robust security protects your data. This is particularly important for small and medium-size business, which typically lack the dedicated IT staff of larger businesses.

5. Mobilises your workforce – A good cloud communications service provides apps for mobile devices and desktops to support your workers anywhere they roam.

6. Scales easily – Adding, moving, or changing lines with a conventional phone system might take a technician or a call to the phone company. With a cloud communications platform, you add users quickly and easily with just a click on a web-based administration console – even from a mobile device.

7. Easily spin up branch offices or provision remote workers – Rather than requesting a service call or waiting for the phone company to provision lines, you can simply send phones to new offices or remote workers. Your employees easily plug the phones into an internet connection, and they’re ready to go.

8. Always state of the art: access to the latest features – A top-tier service provider will automatically upgrade your calling and other communications features in the cloud.

9. Streamline complexity and enhances productivity – A cloud communications platform eliminates the need to pay for collaboration services such as video conferencing, chat, secure file storage, internet fax, backup, and other stand-alone services from different suppliers.


Contact us today to find out how reliable, affordable and easy to use Univerge Blue Connect can be.





  • Prices correct as of 23.03.2022

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