Do you want to reduce the amount you spend on business stationery and supplies?

Officeworx removes the hassle of ordering, leaving you free to focus on the most critical areas of your business. It gives you the confidence that you are in the best possible hands… Ours.

Prices are increasing (some more than others) and there are complex reasons for this. The main increases we are seeing are in paper products where demand is outstripping global supplies.

Most business supplies are similar to the supermarkets where there are clear product band tiers. So what do you need to look for? We have our top brands which you will have heard of, for instance Nescafe, Nobo, Bic, Post-It etc. Then we have our own everyday brand which are known as Q-Connect and ValueX. These can be likened to a supermarket’s own brand.

We then have another cheaper option, what’s known as ‘white box’ and these codes start with ‘WX’. These are likened to a supermarket’s own brand (Saver, Simply etc.). White box products are ‘spot bought’ by our wholesaler which means they can vary in branding and quality but they offer outstanding value at prices you wouldn’t expect, helping your budget spread further.

We often see our customers choosing top brands for their products which isn’t always necessary, but it’s a question of personal choice against price. The saving between standard Post-It notes and own brand are vast, and more often than not, you can’t tell the difference.

If you’re interested in savings and efficiencies, we can look at your past purchases and recommend potential cost benefits. That could be looking at different pack sizes, buying in bulk or switching to cost-saving brands.

We can analyse your spending and suggest ways to reduce it. We’ll do all the hard work, supplying you with an analysis of your spend by product, to highlight where we can deliver significant savings to your business. We can also suggest alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint – it may even save you more in some cases!


Here’s an example of branded, own branded and unbranded ‘white box’ repositionable notes. Why not give it a try and spread your budget further.






For more information about our Q-connect, ValueX and White Box products or to discuss a free product analysis please do get in touch  /  01242 584901