Introducing the Rocketbook – Save your notes and save the planet.

The Officeworx team have made the switch to the Rocketbook from their traditional notebooks. A fantastic reusable product, whereby your notes are transferred into the cloud using the free Rocketbook app.  The Rocketbook is available in both A4 and A5 and inside includes; to-do lists, calendars and note-taking layouts to help structure your note-taking.

How does it work?

Use any reusable Rocketbook notetaking products for a traditional handwriting experience. The Rocketbook encapsulates futuristic technology but maintains the authentic paper and pen experience.

No more paper wasting guilt, the Rocketbook products can be reused, so you can stop using your other paper notebooks and save trees. When paired with Bic Gelocity, the pages can be wiped clean with water and a cloth!

Download the App, and harness your notes in the palm of your hand. Use the free Rocketbook app to configure popular cloud services as your scan destinations.  You can send the file to your cloud destinations such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or alternatively just email your notes.

Time for liftoff! Start scanning your notes, to-do lists, and out-of-this-world ideas. See green, snap, and your notes will be visually enhanced! Then, your scans will automatically blast off to their rightful cyber destination at the speed of light, err… your mobile connection. You can scan your notes to appear as per your visual page or convert them using handwriting recognition (OCR).


By making the switch to Rocketbook you are not only making savings on purchasing numerous notebooks in the future but you are also doing your small part for the environment.

If you would like to find out more reference the Rocketbook or would like to make the switch to this reusable product please contact the team 01242 584902 or email

The full Rocketbook range can be found on our webstore: